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Tax-free offers the information of tax-free stores in Japan for foreign visitors.

Through this website the users can search the information of tax-free goods
as pictures, prices, comments and so on.

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What is the duty-free shop?
What products are to be exempt?
What product you are selling now?
Rules and manners of writing the review?

Q.What is the duty-free shop?

A.The number of shops where tax-free shopping is possible is limited.
They need to hold a government-issued license for tax-free shopping.
There are many different types of shops and shopping areas in Japan.
Like, Department Stores, Electronics Stores, 100 Yen Shops, Shopping Malls, Shopping Arcades,
Underground Malls, Public Markets and Convenience Stores.

Q.What products are to be exempt?

A.From October 1, 2014, additional products are added to
the tax-exemption products at tax-free program participating stores.
This includes food, medicines and cosmetics.

There are some restrictions and conditions
depending on the type of products for tax-exemption purchase.

1. Consumables (foods, drinks, medicines, cosmetics, etc.)
must be purchased at the same store on the same day,
and the total spending must be 5,001JPY or more but no greater than 500,000JPY.

2. General goods (electric appliances, clothing, accessories, etc.)
EXCEPT FOR consumables are exempt from consumption tax
if purchased at the same store on the same day,
and the total spending must be 10,001JPY or more.

It is not exempt from tax if purchased for business and commerce.

Some products are prohibited to import in certain countries.

Q.What product you are selling now?

A.Please refer to the list of popular items
in the home page of the goods in the box,
the top of the top three of the total site click rate.

Q.Rules and manners of writing the review?

A.1,Please stand in the reader's point,
write down your message that a simple and easy to read.

2,Prohibit all the messages that violate the law,
the public morals order or to bring about the trouble to others.

3,It is forbidden to publish a large number of the same content.